The ultimate wealth planning,
the wealth will be pass down over three generations ,
 and toward the summit of wealth management.

Our consistent philosophy is, as the founder Gavin Yang said, "The world belongs to those who make good use of money. When the achievements of life toward the peak - making money becomes like an art, spending money becomes like a science; when the career extends globally - innovative thinking becomes a belief; Cash Management becomes an advantage;when the development of wealth management tends to be internationalized --- 100% of the ultimate practice of wealth planning, so that people who struggles with success can enjoy good results 20 years earlier, so that those who have reached the peak of their lives can ensure that the wealth advantage of the next hundred years can be maintained. ". Adhering to the above and ensuring that our clients’ wealth is passed over three generations of result , this is the value of EIA. EIA Capital International Co., Ltd.will continue to provide the most professional and high-quality services, with responsibility for fulfilling tasks, and hope to become the most trusted and respected wealth  management brand in the Asian Chinese community, and then become the world's top asset management group.